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Ha Neuli Long Dress

Ha Neuli Long Dress


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A check pattern that everyone has at least one.
What do you have, blouse? Skirt?

Then let's make a new classic check-patterned beauty with a long dress of a pleasant and youthful atmosphere.

The dress, named "Ha Neuli " helps you complete a beautiful body line with long shoulder straps that give you the volume of your chest line. The ribbon shape you can make with a shoulder strap is your sense. Part 4 Checked pattern long skirt line shows your body's volume with confidence without boredom.

Hanuli [Y Sky] in a long checkered dress.

- Adjustable shoulder strap.
- Checkered white and yellow.
- A long dress made of light cotton.
- It holds the chest line and covers the body shape.

If you just wear it, it's cool and beautiful, but if you don't want to get sunburned, it goes really well with basic T-shirts and the cardigan is always the truth!

Isn't it only a privilege of a dress to create a stylish look with just one dress?
Put Hanley in the closet now.

The long dress, made of cool cotton mixed material only for Singapore weather, gives a light and refreshing feeling without lining.

This dress comes in one color and free size.

MOGGOJI of all fashion line designed and made in Korea,

 and curated by BoNa for SG friends.

Hand washing is recommended. If you are using a washing machine, make sure to net it to soften it.

** Size Chart (cm) One-sided Plan Lay**

Women's Free Size

Shoulder & armhole : Differences depending on shoulder strap construction

Shoulder strap : 93cm,

Breast: 45cm,

Waist: 60cm,

Hip: 65cm,

Length: 116cm,

Models wear 166 cm, 50 kg, UK10, women's free size.

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