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Swarovski Square Flower Beads

Swarovski Square Flower Beads


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3 mm Swarovski Square Flower Beads

Maple Sugar's Most Popular Ring
A ring with the sparkle of Swarov crystal more than ever before and This product is completed especially after more elaborate work.
A combination of pastel-toned crystals to create a subtle yet colorful look.

Material: Swarovski Crystal 3 mm very seed beads (smallest seed beads)

Make you shine brighter today with sparkling Swarovski.








 [Read the notice carefully]

* Due to the nature of the gemstone or beads, there may be a slight difference in color from the picture.

The urethane cord can break if you pull it hard. So be careful not to pull or hit hard parts.

* Gold plating can be discolored with sweat, water, lotion, etc. Please wipe your glasses with a towel and keep them in a ziplock bag.

* After going out, you can keep the color for a long time by wiping it lightly with a dry towel or cloth.

* Although we used less discolored beads, please avoid contact with water and chemicals to maintain the beautiful color for a long time. In particular, metal parts are more likely to be discolored in contact with water and chemicals.

* Some plated beads are used, so we don't recommend them to people with allergies.

* Because it is made in Korea and inspected, exchange or refund is not possible after purchase in Singapore. Please understand.

[Instructions to order Beads product]

1. Please contact us by email or Instagram for additional information or inquiries when ordering.

2. Decide if you want to make a bracelet or ring, and please refer to the attached photo and tell me the size.

3. When checking out, if you are ordering a size, e.g., bracelet and ring together in the "Special Guidelines for Sellers" section: Write in the section "Sales 15cm, Ring 7(50mm)."

4. All products will be specially made by hand in Korea right after ordering. Therefore, it is expected about 3 weeks from order to delivery. Please understanding, Thank you

*Contact us on IG @moggojisg or via email 



All the accessories of Maple Sugar in Korea are handmade.




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