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Dried Persimmons Preorder

Dried Persimmons Preorder


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Dried Seasonal Persimmons!

Enjoy Seaseon 10% OFF! 

Your warm Lunar New Year's Day Gifts with us🎁



The season of Dried Persimmons is back from Korea!
We bring fresh Dried Persimmons grown and cultivated directly from Korea, Jirisan Mountain to Singapore.

Order now for your healthy meal table.😋

We have reopened the pre-order in return for your support 🙆🏻‍♀️ Hurry up !!!🛒

#How to enjoy dried persimmons

*Make sure to keep them frozen.

* If you defrost it at room temperature for about 30 minutes before eating, you can enjoy the natural chewy taste of korea dried Persimmons. 


Yes! It’s very fresh and organic food.
It's Korean seasonal fruit now, I really love it. 🥰




It's chewy and soft, so it's good to eat with kids, salad, and bread (great for baking also😘)



🎁 Delivery : Additional Refrigerated delivery fee $12

*  Note: It's a new fresh product, so we need to ship on the same day, so the shipping fee is about $12 (Warehouse direct pick-up free-email or DM please)

Enjoy your happy eating time.❤️


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